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  1. Home Page


    1. Weddings

                                                              i.      Ceremony

1.      Altars

2.      Arches

3.      Bouquets

4.      Boutonnieres

5.      Chuppahs

6.      Miscellaneous Ceremony Decorations

7.      Pew Decorations

                                                            ii.      Reception

1.      Cakes

2.      Food Tables

3.      Head Tables

4.      Miscellaneous Reception Decorations

5.      Place Card Tables

6.      Powder Room Decorations

7.      Table Centerpieces

a.       Brass Stand

b.      Glass Stand

c.       Glass Vase

d.      Gold Candelabra

e.       Hurricane Centerpieces

f.        Iron Stand

g.       Low Centerpieces

h.       Silver Candelabra

i.         Silver Stand

j.        Topiary Centerpieces

8.      Tent Decorations

9.      Throw Bouquets

10.  Tulle Decorations

11.  Views of Reception

                                                          iii.      Wedding Favors


    1. Christmas

                                                              i.      Arrangements

1.      Arrangements in Baskets

2.      Arrangements with Candles

3.      Arrangements with Figurines

4.      Glass Vase Arrangements

                                                            ii.      Boxwood Trees

                                                          iii.      Figurines

                                                          iv.      Mantle Pieces

                                                            v.      Miscellaneous Christmas Decorations

                                                          vi.      Wreaths

1.      Artificial Wreaths

2.      Balsam Wreaths

3.      Boxwood Wreaths

4.      Mixed Wreaths

                                                        vii.      Xmas Plants

                                                      viii.      Xmas Sprays

                                                          ix.      Xmas Swags

                                                            x.      Xmas Topiaries

                                                          xi.      Xmas Trees


    1. Bar & Bat-mitzvah

                                                              i.      Balloon Decorations

1.      Balloon Arches

2.      Balloon Centerpieces

3.      Balloon Room Decorations

                                                            ii.      Centerpieces

                                                          iii.      Food Tables

                                                          iv.      Signs


    1. Rentals


    1. Pond Decorations


    1. Decorations

      i. Home Decorations

      ii. Office Decorations 

    1. Arrangements 

i. Funeral Arrangements

ii. Hospital Arrangements

iii. Personal Arrangements

    1. Contact Us


    1. Supporting Links


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